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Travel Plan

Case Study

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My Role

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User Persona

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User Flow

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UI/UX Design


The revenge travel trend has started to take effect. According to the national travel data, more than 90% of Americans plan to travel in 2023. Additionally, 82% will be budgeting and watching their expenses more closely because of the current economic impact. The traveling market is having to adapt and change as a post-pandemic world demands more “personalized inspiration” at every step of their customers’ travel journey.

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Product Goals

Enables users to effortlessly create, manage, and customize their travel itineraries.

Allows users to set and track their travel budget with real-time updates to help them stay within their budgetary constraints.

Allow users to gain insights from others to inspire their trips and enable users to create and share their own travel itineraries.

Business Goals

Focus on improving user engagement and retention rates

Partnerships with travel service providers to generate revenue and ensure the sustainability of the app.

Partnerships with travel influencers and celebrities to attract new users and expand the user base.

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