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Root (2021)

Clip Studio Paint, After Effects, Premiere Pro

Relationships between humans are complicated. They are ubiquitous, unpredictable, and sometimes invisible. We have our own network with people around us, just like how trees use their roots to transfer signals and nutrients under the soil. However, those communications are not always positive. In fact, oppression and manipulation happen in an inconspicuous way, which may end up in great loss. What if you can see those “roots” on others’ bodies, and see how they work between two persons? Will you have a stronger sense of being a victim and victimizer at the same time?
In this project, I use “roots” as a metaphor to show the invisible links that can suck nutrients (happiness, energy, dignity…) from others.

Video Documentation

The video documents the process of making this animation, from sketches, layout towards post-production.

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