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Studio Notes Prompt 05/16/2021

Studio Notes

05/16/2021 6:37pm

Scratch Notes - Ethnographic study of my neighborhood

Descriptive Filednotes

I am sitting on the chair, in front of my working desk. There is a large window on the right side of the wall against the corner. Cracks of light filtered through the shutters, makes some reflection on the surface of my black drawing board.

Several prints and sketches were sticked on the wall. I see prints of two cactus and a fish from my viewpoint, others were covered by the large computer screen. A thick book with bule cover is placed under the screen, titled "Art through the Ages". Next to the book, there is a red speaker with metal surface. The brand sign "SONY" is on the top side.

A blue disposable cup behind the keyboard is full of water, with little water drops on the edge. The keyboard has colorful LED lights under each bottom. Next to it there is a mouse with gradient color from brown to black, and a shining sign on the surface. On the left side of the keyboard, a handbook of Acedemy of Art University is placed under a black headphone. Some color pens are randomly put on the desk, near the sketch book I am using at the moment.

Different sounds appears at the same time. Birds are chirping in distance from the other window on the left; Ventilator from my neighbor is bizzing loudly and continuously outside of the large window; The sound of typing keyborad constantly appears from the room next to me; My god's footsteps on the wooden floor outside of my door...

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